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Welcome to my first blog, I hope you find some of these post interesting and they inspire you to get out and about in the countryside to discover some of our wildlife for yourselves.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Goldfinch frozen in Summer Time

This is turning out to be some Summer again. The mists lifted by lunchtime today but the rain hasn't stopped. When the goldfinches arrived to feed on the niger seed tree as we call it, the numbers vary from 1 or 2 up to 8 at times, squabbles can easily break out, as our three feeders can only accommodate 6 at any time. So when the siskins are around as well things get interesting
Time to play with the camera from the comfort of the conservatory and try to capture some movement.
This proves difficult when they appear out of the overhanging silver birch, this is the best of the bunch for now.


Sam and Lisa said...

I think summer has ended, if it ever started. I am going through seed like there's no tomorrow.

Images of the West said...

Agree, Sam and Lisa it's been pretty bad. Good tips on the birds in flight article, really useful to know i was on track. If the weather breaks this weekend I'm getting out to get some practice.